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    Lightbulb Spalsh Damage 1024 comp

    Hey just thought i'd throw an heads up to the competion @ spalsh damge ( bit o pimpage)

    Seven DC's Forum Damage 1024 comp

    "1024" a real small cube for fast games!

    Info on all the maps submitted can be found :here

    There's 4 links to the map pack (20mb) on that showcase site and we got it here @ coi.

    The maps are also running on my server : - ^0Red^3*Uk's ^1forum damage 1024 maps|18ms| (with auto download )

    my map ctf_bunker is in the map pack too so any bugs u find please tell me

    <a href="">
    <img src="" alt="coired Xfire Miniprofile" border=0>

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    Looks great man

    All the maps look very good by the looks of the screenshots.

    I'm gonna download the mappack and gonna have a look at your server m8.

    Are all the maps Ctf Style ???

    Great to see your map on there


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    No only mine's ctf , the rest are obj etc, in the frag point pack theirs double domination like ut2003

    <a href="">
    <img src="" alt="coired Xfire Miniprofile" border=0>

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