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Thread: Long Jumping

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    Unhappy Long Jumping

    I'm new to the whole scripts mod thing, but just wondering how to get the 'long jump' script to work during gameplay or practice. I downloaded it and put the file in the main/scripts folder, but not sure how to make it work. Anyone know how???????

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    Open your autoexec.cfg (which can be found in your main directory of the Return to Castle Wolfenstein folder) in your wordpad.

    Insert the following line:

    exec xxxx.cfg (xxxx=your script file)

    So now your autoexec.cfg should for example be like this:

    set devdll 1
    exec xxxx.cfg

    If this correct, save your changed file, and overwrite your original.. (create a backup 1st)

    Have fun,

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    learn to strafe-jump only noobs need scripts to jump far :S

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    Originally posted by RaiseR
    learn to strafe-jump only noobs need scripts to jump far :S
    Im trying this for ages now, still cant do it

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    Thanks hans , i can use it on depot to get on the train !

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