=BE= is now entering its 9th Campaign beginning June 26th, and is accepting both Allied and Axis Players.

Battlefield Europe RTCW is a free tournament based on Id's famous Return
to Castle Wolfenstein multiplayer game set in a military style atmosphere. It is played on a campaign-level scenario with two opposing armies battling it out over the course of 5 weeks and 10 eight-hour long battles for the victor's prize: Europe! (You may play as much or as little as you wish during the eight hrs.) You can join at any time during the Cam.

Join us now and play on our custom =BE= maps, made by some of the best rtcw mapmakers in wolfie. Many of our maps are custom "reversed" tourney maps, which are popular maps reversed so you can play OF and DF, without changing sides!

Join by yourself, or with your clan. =BE= has the honor of having many clans play with us. Its a nice place to find a clan, or get together with your buds for organized play without limited numbers found in matches. We play on both NA and Euro Servers (32) to keep it fair.

Squads. Stats. Medals. Ventrillo. 4.1 Shrub.

Try out our new TramDesign: Degeneration Mod sponsored by our own BE Crimson Pluck wolf map designer. A RTCW conversion with first testing for BE starting in July.


click to join!

*BE is supported by donations only.