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    Half Dead Fraggers challenge you

    Hello mates!
    This is [HDF] Twotime here, upon surfing links on AFD and KBN's websites I found you guys. Been lookin around and it seems you guys have things pretty well under control around here, so I am taking this chance to challenge you guys to a match. I am a Lance Corporal in the Half Dead Fraggers clan. You can contact us at Our leaders name is [HDF]Rhort. We're always lookin for a match, so give us a holler if you're interested.

    Hic Decus Fortitudo... ...Half Dead Fragger
    [HDF]Twotime... ..."Shoot first, ask questions later!"

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    I checked your website and you look pretty welltrained i must say..
    Mr.Clubber must answer your question for a match.
    And b.t.w are you a clan where you are all from one country?
    Greetings, Fraggy
    [Coi]Mr.Fragwell® is property of Doc Rocket® and Michael®


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    Registered User Rhort's Avatar
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    Jan 2003
    London, England
    Hi there. Most of our members are European and Scandinavian so we’re mainly operating within 1 hour of London time; if you check out our Clan Roster you can see the whole list.

    The best (London) times for us to have a match are currently:

    Monday and Tuesday evenings, from around 7pm
    Saturday afternoons/early evening (3-8pm)
    Sunday, late afternoon (4-6pm).

    Hope we can work something out, we’ve heard a lot about you guys (your downloads area is legendary on GSA).
    Hic Decus Fortitudo... ...Half Dead Fraggers
    HDF Rhort

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    Hello TwoTime,

    We would like to frag with you guys. Lets talk the details out so we can do this !!!!!

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    Yeh have you guys got msn ?

    <a href="">
    <img src="" alt="coired Xfire Miniprofile" border=0>

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    Hello this is [HDF]Pr3dator here, some of u may know me as [HDF]Hunter as clubber does.
    We all use msn and mine is if u want to talk with me.

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    hello and welcome on board on our forums :P well im currently inactive cause im on a 56k and waiting for my dsl line but yeah for details please contact moguai or redeyed (co-leaders) Administrator Co-owner

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    Hey guys Twotime again. We're thinkin along the lines of Next Sunday (Jan 12th) at 4pm London time. Moguai get in touch with me ASAP. Rhort has also created a forum for matches on our site. Check it out, or email me. Thx

    Hic Decus Fortitudo... ...Half Dead Fraggers
    HDF TWOTIME... ..."Shoot first ask questions later!"

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    hi Twotime
    I think next sunday might me too short notice i will talk with the rest and post in your forums.
    Btw i added predator to my msn to make thing's easier

    <a href="">
    <img src="" alt="coired Xfire Miniprofile" border=0>

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    Is there any chance we can make it a 6 vs 6 or 7 vs 7 cos we got more players who can make it now?

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