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    Hi All,
    First of all, I am new here so i just wanted to say hi. I am a software engineer by trade, but want to take a new direction in life so am turning to internet marketing to get the kind of '4 hour work week' i want.

    My first question is regarding Success. If you had just one thing you could say significantly helps 'it', what would it be. From the reading/research I have done, several things come to mind including the good 'ol general ones such as 'do what you love', persistence etc. In the realm of internet marketing, choosing/finding a niche to me would seem a critical point. If you don't have a good niche, you could be the best marketer in the world and make no $$..At least that is how i see it as a newbie.

    Anyway, thanks for any replies and will be talking to more people on this forum soon.