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Thread: Quick questions

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    Quick questions

    Hey guys hows it going ummm one of your idiots directed me to your forum... Have a few questions though..

    1| Are you idiots in a leauge. if not are you at all considering in sighning up for one?

    2| Do you have your own server, if not and i am allowed to join would some if the idiots here be willing to throw in on one

    hmmmm thats all i can really think of right now, but yes i am searching for a GOOD FUN CLAN to join that is in a leauge

    BTW, i am already in a et clan SFC aka Spongebob fan club so if i happen to join or better yet recruited would this be a problem the way i see it it is two seperate games.

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    Hey Kenny remember me i was the one that directed you .

    1) Well if we'll gain enough members we would surely get into a league!
    But now at the moment we don't have a lot of members so we'll need to collect some fresh idiots right now .

    2) Well we had our own server, but that was a while ago. Anyway I hope maybe we can set up a new server, I would like that too!

    So now we'll have to wait till Mr.Clubber (the leader)
    will react on this thread.
    But IF you would come in our clan, you'd first have to follow a recruitingperiod where we will test your skills and your behavior.
    Anyways I've seen you on that beachserver a few days ago and I wouldn't have asked you to visit our website if you weren't good

    Greetings, Fragwell..
    [Coi]Mr.Fragwell® is property of Doc Rocket® and Michael®


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    K sounds good

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    i guess no one like me.... waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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    Yesss we do!
    But Clubber is very busy with his work i guess, and moguai has been away for a short period of time..
    Pleeease have some patience my friend
    [Coi]Mr.Fragwell® is property of Doc Rocket® and Michael®


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    Here i am,

    1: no leagues till we got enough (active!) members again.
    2: will be online hopefully within 1/2 months (a few gameservers for the peepz). Administrator Co-owner

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    Well when can i get my tryout then?

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    damn dude you co own pc gaming networks NICE

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    I would also like to try out if thats ok.
    I can be on any time after I get back from school and I like to play as a medic.

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    see if you fit those rules and fill in a form i would say Administrator Co-owner

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    i t comes up with "This is not a stand alone script. You must submit data to this via a web forum."

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    I cant seem to get the msn messanger to work i dont know what im doing but i keep getting errors

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    lol all bugs, msn messenger should be (normally) easy to setup, what kinda errors you get?

    Steve try to submit again, what browser are you using? Administrator Co-owner

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