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What the Fuk is all this?

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  • What the Fuk is all this?

    Holy crap, this really is a blast from the past!

    How is everyone these days?
    I know I'm a little older and carry more weight in all the wrong places...

    Mr C I like what you have done with the place, great job.

    I'm an admin here -
    We have 2 game servers;
    Ranked Quake Wars 24 slot (24 slot)
    Ranked Battlefield Bad company 2 (32 slot)

    Mr C I will add a link to you...
    Call by some time


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    Wow look whois alive! Glad you dropped by to say hi!

    So i wanted to relaunch the forums with the new wolfenstein, however afterwards it seems wolfenstein doesn't have a such good multiplayer game this time(!). So that's quite a downer

    Let's keep in touch mate.


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      So how is it going Mr C, is your clan still together?

      Spongebob from BIA was on my server a few days ago and told me BiA are still active...
      Why don't you email everyone and tell them this site is active again?

      The latest wolfenstein game was such a let down
      I was so looking forward to the MP. FFS
      We had a server for a month, but let it go as the game was shite.

      I added a link to this site from Pure-bedlam.
      Are you playing Bad company, why not try out the Pure bedlam server, although its always very busy and can be hard to get a spot.

      Add me on Steam - & I will clear a slot for you

      Or come and join in the fun @ Pure Bedlam; i could do with another admin...



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        Clan together? Not really.. most people im not in touch anymore, or well they've sorta disappeared out of sight sadly enough!

        Good example is moguai who was just gone from one day to another.

        Yeah i still have to write this massive spam mail to all members of the forum Past week i've been busy deleting members which were spammers themselves, so thats sorted now for sure.

        I'm currently not playing much games except GTA i will take a peek at bad company.

        Sounds perhaps weird but... i dont have steam, you can have my msn addy =)


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          A new layout is coming up once again, or well better said.. adjustments. Been fighting the spammers past weeks, should be pretty tight now so it can't be much more of a spammers heaven.

          New layout should be ready in about 3-4 weeks or so.


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            Is there anyone still alive here?!


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              Originally posted by [BiA] MasterMind View Post
              Is there anyone still alive here?!
              What's up


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                All good here! And there? =)